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Horseback Rides from Monteverde to Arenal

This tour starts in the San Gerardo Balcony, from there departing to La Fortuna through mountain trails. The ride includes passing through rivers and creeks where you can enjoy the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the rain forest as well as in the cloud forest, until arrival at the Rio Chiquito Shore, where a boat is taken towards the Arenal dam and from there to La Fortuna. Duration: 3:30 hours approximately.

Useful tips for a safe and pleasant trip: Horseback Riding

Monteverde Extreme Canopy

The “Great Tarzan” Tour will make you experience exciting emotions while you balance on it. The giant rappel is the base of the fantastic distance of each of the cables, which reach lengths superior to the 2550 feet and heights of 450 feet. Recently opened, there is the new cable, whose extremes are separated by one kilometer and a height of 180 meters. The longest and tallest built in Monteverde. There are 13 cables, of which 4 are extremely long: the first of 1410 feet, the second of 1275 feet, the third of 1800 feet and the fourth of 2250 feet. The cables have approximately a height between the 225 and 450 feet. Besides “Tarzan Swing”, rappelling (90 feet), short walks and 21 platforms, the total traveling distance is 2.8 kilometers and the durations is 3 hours.

Tour includes: Free transport, modern and safe equipment, security instructions, well trained and experienced guides, view of the waterfall.

Horseback Riding Tour: Throughout the tour you will have the opportunity to ride through the immense forest which houses several coffee and banana plantations, and other cultivated areas and farmlands. There is no experience requirement for the tour and it is very safe.

Duration: 2 hours.

Extreme Swing: It consists of a swing in which you will be secured by two harnesses, chest and waist, besides helmet and carabineers to a 50 meter rope which is under tension to achieve the swing effect. The tour is done in a 100 meter height suspension.

Useful tips for a safe and pleasant trip: Canopy

Monteverde Butterfly Garden Tour

This tour offers a curious chance to learn about coffee and Costa Rican culture and folklore. Throughout the tour, travelers will learn about history, cultivation, and about “beneficios”, the place where coffee is processed. The estate has an ox cart in which you can ride. In total the tour is a half kilometer walk in easy trail. Duration: 2 hours.

Monteverde Forest Night Hike

Hike through several trails that give you the opportunity to watch the nightlife of an expanding forest.  Flat walk, for some exceptions with not very steep uphill and downhill sections.

Tour includes: Flashlight and naturalist guide.

Valle Escondido Trail

The site is the home of great number of mammals, birds, insects and plants. It is an estate of 12 hectares located in Monteverde, in a lower level than the Monteverde Reserve. It is a pre mountain forest and because of its influence in the winds of the Pacific Ocean, you can watch a greater number of species of plants and trees in the area of transition. During the day it is possible to observe species of birds, mammals and vegetation. From the balconies, you can also watch the beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and appreciate a beautiful waterfall. The daytime schedule is from 7am to 4pm.

A night walk is offered. They are guided walks that start just before nightfall, which allows a great variety of nocturnal fauna to be seen. The walk starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 7:30pm.

Useful tips for a safe and pleasant trip: Hiking/Walking

Orchid Garden Monteverde

The garden divides into three sectors. The first one portrays the country’s miniature orchids, including the smallest orchid species in the world (Platystele jungermannioids). The second sector is house of larger orchid species, more common in Costa Rica (Onciduim, Encyclea, Epidendrum and Maxillaria, among others). These species can be usually found in the transitional area between humid and tropical humid forests. The third sector houses hybrid species. These orchids are created in a lab through cross-pollination. This attempts to make visitors understand the differences between natural and scientifically grown orchids.

El Trapiche Tour

El Trapiche tour, is owned by a costarican family, which offers a guided tour of about 2hours. It begins with a tour around the farm which may have an opportunity to observe the different plantations located therein, besides crossing a small patch of forest where occasionally wildlife can be found.
During the tour of the farm there is a small tilapia pond, plantations of bananas, plantains, arracache, macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee.
In the span of the walk around the farm, we explain the process involved in sugarcane cultivation, natural history and also the opportunity to taste the sugar cane and its derivatives.
Finished this interval will display the coffee process, which starts showing from planting and continues with the process of crushing, peeling and roasting by our machinery.
To finish the tour of the plantation, you’re invited to make a short trip in a oxen cart (not obligatory), it starts from sugar cane plantation and finishes at the building where the cocoa process is shown.
There are step by step through the process of cocoa from different stages: starting with a brief explanation of how the tree develops, pollination of it, how to get the fruit, seed fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding cocoa and in addition brief explanation of how to obtain tasting chocolate.
Right after finishing the cocoa process, it will show the “guaro“process (cane liquor).
Next thing on schedule is the demonstration of the different types of the typical trapiches(sugar cane mills) there are three types in the farm, a manual one, an oxen mill and a water mill. You will see all of them running!
The tour culminates at the place where artisanal sugar cane candy is done. various derivatives are made(brown sugar, traditional costarican “perica” or “sobado”(fudge like) and caramel.
It is a great opportunity to interact and make your own candy.
To finish the tour is given the opportunity to taste a “gallo de arracache” chopped with an exquisite cup of coffee, lemonade or aguadulce.

Don Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde

The tour begins with a brief insight into the wonderful world of coffee followed by the history of Costa Rican coffee and its importance in the socio-economic development.  Later on during the tour we will cover other aspects of the Costa Rican culture and traditions.

The tour starts with an introduction to the life cycle of a coffee plant starting with the coffee seed itself and taking a look at its fascinating evolutionary cycle. Duration: 2 hours

Chocolate Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

We have now incorporated a chocolate tour with our coffee tour to introduce a new and exciting feature and what could be better than the perfect combination? chocolate and coffee; while also contributing towards reviving Costa Rican tradition and culture.

On the tour you will be completely immersed for 30 minutes within the world of chocolate enjoying its delicious aromas and learning about its history.  You will participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao and observe how the small cocoa beans are magically converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink.

You will get an insight into the traditional methods that our ancestors used to roast the beans, separate the husks and grind the beans.  At the end of the tour you can enjoy the taste of the chocolate you’ve made in a variety of forms; liquid chocolate, plain chocolate, spiced chocolate and of course, coffee chocolate. 

Shugar Cane Tour Monteverde

Here you will learn about the historical reason why many farmers had sugarcane mills on their farms.  Together you will extract the sugarcane the traditional way and then enjoy a glass of pure sugarcane juice as well as a few pieces of the cane itself.

Treetop Walkways and Suspension Bridges

Tree Top Walkways consist of a 1.9 mile (approximately 3 kilometer) trail that crosses through the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Here visitors will walk on eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet ( 50 meters ) up to 510 feet ( 170 meters ) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet ( 12 meters ) up to 180 feet ( 60 meters ).

Each bridge has a width of five feet, the widest bridges in Costa Rica, and also a capacity of up to 80 people per bridge making them both the longest and strongest bridge systems in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The Tree Top Walkways are suitable for people of all ages. The duration of the hike usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Serpents at the Herpetarium

In our Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition you will find frogs, lizards, geckos and snakes, more than 30 species! In this guided tour, you will be able to observe live reptiles and amphibians inside terrariums with specialized climate control which provides these wonderful creatures a home-like habitat.

Butterfly Farm

Venture into exploring a different world. A world in which a controlled climate provides the best temperature (82.4º F or 28º C) for its inhabitants to feel in paradise. Explore a community that gathers more than 20 species of butterflies. Learn about their life cycle, their special abilities and behaviors that have helped them evolve throughout thousands of years.

Enjoy a guided walk inside one of the world's largest live butterfly exhibitions with an area of over 29,000 square feet (2,700 square meters). Come and enjoy all the wonders that you may discover in this marvelous World of Butterflies.

Insect Museum

Enjoy the world's third largest private insect collection. Take a close look at thousands of insects, butterflies and other wonderous species from all over the world, presented in a way never seen before anywhere else. Admire the exhibition "Jewels of the Rain Forest" by world renowned entomologist Dr. Richard Whitten who has been collecting insects for decades.

Learn from Dr. Whitten on a special video called "Jewels of the Rain Forest" which is projected in our cinematic auditorium throughout the tour. This video features insects from all over Costa Rica, most of which can be found in our museum. Come and be part of one of the world's most beautiful bio-artistic shows at our World Class exhibition "Jewels of the Rain Forest".

Humming Bird Garden

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden. Now imagine over 100 beautiful hummingbirds flying cheerfully around you! That is what the incredible Hummingbird Garden has to offer you. More than 14 species of hummingbirds will amaze you with their incredible aerial maneuvers and bright lively colors. 

Definitively a photography fan's treat! No matter what mood you are in these small daredevils will cheer you up and give you an unforgettable air show. Come to our hummingbird garden and amaze yourself with these fantastic speeding creatures!