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Monteverde's History

It is believed that the first non-indigenous people who arrived to Monteverde did so around 1915 and came mainly from the Central Valley searching for land to work and live.

Later in the 1950´s, a group of United States Quakers came to the area looking for a new peaceful place to live.  They dedicated mainly to the dairy industry. At the same time some Costa Ricans started coffee plantations nearby.

Monteverde became highly appreciated by biologists and naturalists and several reserves for conservation and research purposes were created, for example the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (1972), the Eternal Children's Forest Reserve (1987) and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve (1991).

Monteverde became a bilingual community thanks to the large number of foreigners who have lived in the area for many decades. Little by little the number of visitors has increased and it has become a popular place not only for ecotourism but for adventure tourism and agrotourism.

The present population of Monteverde is about 5000 people and is believed to receive approximately 200,000 tourists a year.


Activities in Monteverde:

There are many different activities you can do as a visitor in Monteverde:

We invite you to visit CASEM a cooperative of local artisans that started in 1982 with only 8 members selling. Today there are 70 women and 4 men associated.

In CASEM you will find a great variety of products made of wood, repurposed materials, jewelry, pottery, toys, textiles, stationery products and much more. CASEM also has a restaurant. For more information visit:

We will gladly help you book the activities you prefer.